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Welcome to Kat’s Sofa — my virtual couch, the place I share thoughts on life and invite you to sit down for a chat.

I don’t have a ‘home’ like most people would call it. I feel home in several places. Over the past years I’ve split my life between the northern and the southern hemisphere: Europe (Germany and Austria) and New Zealand. Always following summer.

I am living outside the 9-5 box, in my own rhythm, time freedom and location freedom at hand. I take the days off that I want to take off. I travel when I want to travel. I work as much or as little as I want.

For many people this concept seems still difficult to grasp. “Where do you live?”, and “How do you do that?” are common questions. I sense curiosity and confusion. Until now, there doesn’t seem to be a commonly accepted definition for my way of living. Not that it has to be defined – but it stands out as an unusual lifestyle. (When you have a closer look, of course, it is just one of many alternative ways to live.)

Conscious living, freedom lifestyle

But you know: Once you step out of society’s boundaries, you realize there is no limit to living the way YOU want. It’s about asking yourself where you want to be, about setting priorities, and pushing yourself in the right direction. It’s about living consciously.

Hoping to inspire you to live a content and happy life, and to set in motion those changes that will bring you closer to where you really want to be.

Love, Kat