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Productivity, the pressure to perform & a call for “satisfying productivity”

Even though I like to be productive and get things done, I’m not a big fan of the common term and idea of ‘productivity’ – because too often, ‘productivity’ is (still) seen like a goal and a value in itself. It’s perceived as something to strive for, a good trait.…

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How to eat healthy on the road – super easy gluten-free recipes

When traveling or when being on the road constantly, eating healthy and sticking to your personal feel-good diet can be a challenge. Trust me, I’ve been there. Many times. Over the past seven years I’ve shared a kitchen in a guesthouse for several months each season. I’ve lived at friends’…

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Discussing Inspiration: Where to find inspiration when traveling, living in different places

What and who inspires you? Inspiration is something I – and probably a lot of us – look for every day. Be it consciously or sub-consciously, we are always on the search. Through inspiration we can live our creativity or simply develop great ideas. As someone who travels quite a…

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