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Tips for mindful productivity – How to get the right things done & be more satisfied at the end of the day

Are you also looking for the kind of productivity that gives you a feeling of true satisfaction at the end of the day instead of just a random list of completed chores? A productive space which lets you focus on what you really want? If you do, this might be for you.…

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Productivity, the pressure to perform & a call for “satisfying productivity”

Even though I like to be productive and get things done, I’m not a big fan of the common term and idea of ‘productivity’ – because too often, ‘productivity’ is (still) seen like a goal and a value in itself. It’s perceived as something to strive for, a good trait. Productivity as…

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How to eat healthy on the road – super easy gluten-free recipes

When traveling or when being on the road constantly, eating healthy and sticking to your personal feel-good diet can be a challenge. Trust me, I’ve been there. Many times. Over the past seven years I’ve shared a kitchen in a guesthouse for several months each season. I’ve lived at friends’ places and…

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Discussing Inspiration: inspirational people

This is the second piece on ‘inspiration‘, written by my New Zealand friend Io. To her, inspirational people are the heart and soul of her creative flow. Very happy to share this beautiful piece with you. x “Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others.”…

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