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feel good every day ~ how to build personal routines

A few days ago I thought about living an alternative lifestyle, a life outside of the 9-to-5 borders, and how nevertheless I still sometimes struggle to evolve the way I would really like to live–how difficult it can be building personal habits even when having all the opportunities at hand. When overseas,…

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Freedom, sex, power?

“What’s Rome’s word?” I asked. “Sex” he announced. “But isn’t that a stereotype about Rome?” “No.” “But surely there are SOME people in Rome thinking about other things than sex?” Giulio insisted: “No. All of them, all day, all they are thinking about is sex.” “Even over at the Vatican?” “That’s different.…

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ground yourself

Being out in nature simply grounds you. You go to sleep when it gets dark. You wake up when there is light, your body well rested. It is chilly in the morning, hands cold, feet cold. Lighting a fire to boil some water, eager to hold the warm cup of coffee in…

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