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friendships ~ evolution

Why do we lose friends along the way?

Why do we stop connecting with certain people, while re-joining with others?

Losing friends and connections—a few years ago, this thought would’ve dragged me down. Made me sad. Why can’t we stay in touch and be in harmony all our lives?

While sometimes still making me sorry and brooding, today I can accept it. It’s kind of a natural process: We evolve, we change, we shift our focus–and with this our relations with other humans change. Some get stronger. Some get tumultuous. Some of them fade. Steps we have to take on the way to our own progress.

There has to be destruction in order for something new to be created.

When I first heard this—Shiva’s wisdom—I thought it was merely BS. It took me a while to get it. But now: It makes so much sense. You have to let go of old attachments if they are preventing you from progressing. If they are holding you back from growing happier, stronger, more loving.

You have to let go of the relationships that keep you from reaching your goals and living your purpose.

Turn to those that inspire you. Those who share the same vibes and truly understand you.

They can be old friends or new acquaintances. Sometimes people you barely know inspire you the most. They can set your wheel in motion. Time and place don’t matter. Fitting perfectly in today’s world, there are no borders to inspiration–yet, when it comes to interpersonal relations and inspiration, too often we stick to accustomed ways of friendship that might not serve us in that moment.

When we don’t connect with friends anymore, there is probably a good reason for it—an underlying, much bigger motion in our lives. A sweeping change of perspective. It is no one’s fault. It is life and how it unfolds. Going for the better.

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