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People, I love summer! I love it when you get up and you have to wear nothing more than a shirt, shorts and flipflops! So easy, so light! I love it when the sun shines through your window, telling you it’s gonna be another bright, bright day!

Might be the summer energy that makes a thousand thoughts speed through my mind this morning, three minutes long, while brushing my teeth. Like a small thunderstorm of ideas, with this one thought standing out:

I’ve been trying and working on so many new things lately. There is so much going on in my life!

Yes, thinking about this, I have to say: It is actually really cool!

I am having a go at windsurfing.
I am trying new baking recipes and finally succeeded in making fluffy, good looking muffins (not these tiny, moist lumps that didn’t look like muffins at all).
I am working on my surfing skills, with the aim of improving them one by one. It feels good to work on something in particular, making an effort to learn something properly.
I am doing some gardening and I am actually enjoying it for the first time.
I am establishing new daily routines.

This speeding through my mind, I had to think of childhood days straight away: When you were giddy with excitement before doing things for the first time. When you were so focused on this one new thing, you were forgetting about everything else. When you were so full off positive adrenaline you could have lived of it for the next few days. When you didn’t think about what comes next or if you should do something else instead.

And even though not all of my new experiences come with this childish super-excitement, they all come with a good, deeply vibrant feeling.

I’m in a good flow. All the trying out and giving things a go makes me feel that I am moving forward in life, that I am not standing still. It lets me focus on what I have here and now.

It puts me in an absolutely positive spin.

Maybe that’s why new experiences and newly established routines feel so good: They make you concentrate totally on something fun, on something exciting, and by this they draw you to the present moment. They make you enjoy THIS. Fully.

What have you tried lately? What new experience or routine pushes you and makes you totally enjoy life? Let me know!

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