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long-distance love

Finally, I arrived here, up in the air. The dark sky outside, the cabin light dimmed. No time, only space. 30 hours off the earth.

With only three more days to go before we board the plane to the other end of the world again, I start dreaming about the journey. As weird as it may sound, long distance flights are one of my personal highlights—and I don’t travel first class.

When I haven’t been on a long haul flight for a while, I kind of start to miss them. I think of the noises on the plane before take-off, I think of the pre-flight music and the cozy feel on board.

For me, it always had an outta-world feel to it. Being away from everything—no phone, no messages, no internet.

For 24 or 30 hours it’s just you, loads of movies and plane food.—Oh, how I love it!

It’s a happening in itself, the magic start of another season. A place to let yourself get into the flow.

A chance to simply be and enjoy—a short escape from the world around and its constant musts. No pressure. No obligations. Just light entertainment, a drink and time to let your mind wander.

In its own sense a place of freedom and maybe one of the last spots of remoteness* in a highly connected, digitally intruding world.

The magic of traveling. Can’t wait to arrive there, up in the air, the dark sky outside, little stars twinkling from above.

*Highly endangered, though, due to Wi-Fi availability during flights… :(

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