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coffee on five fingers – choices that make life richer

This morning I felt so sleepy and not motivated, I couldn’t imagine this would turn around at all today. But, you never know what good stuff might happen the next minute. Even if it’s just two little encounters – they can change everything! Like this it went for me. And now I feel an enormous boost of energy running through my body. In this rush of goodness, I feel the urge to talk about some of the good stuff that’s been happening to me lately. Rather little things that provide me with a new perspective. Lifestyle choices that make life richer and wider.


I’m off coffee – Eeeek! I know. I have abstained from coffee for the bigger part of the last two months. For personal reasons, I passed on the black gold (passing on the caffeine, that is to say, but holding on to the decaf version, of which you can almost convince yourself that “it tastes like real coffee”). On this off-caffeine-trip two things struck me:


The first one hit only a few days after starting: I went for a run in the morning and was surprised how wide awake I was, being able to run before 9 AM without having a black infusion first. Super positive surprise on what my body is actually capable of. The second realization: On the days I have a regular coffee the caffeine gives me such a boost, it’s like an infusion of energy (yay!), alertness (yes!) and physical sweating (mmmmhhhh…). – And it’s not even a whole one, it’s a half-and-half as I call it…


Cutting back on coffee definitely makes me feel caffeine spikes more intensely. (And – frankly – this may have contributed to my rush of energy this morning.) I can better sense what’s going on in my body. And even if I returned to normal coffee consumption soon, the important point is the insight I found anew: Abstaining yourself from something can help you feel what it really is about. How it affects you. How great you can deal without it. And how out-of-this-world good it might taste once you have it again. Staying away from something for a while can help you feel where you are and help you find out what is possible. Even if it’s “just” coffee.


The second thing I am really super excited about is my journey towards barefoot running I just began. Getting blisters in my running shoes earlier this year has made me wonder about foot health and running styles. Then – as coincidence so perfectly puts it – I listened to a podcast from Daniel Vitalis featuring podiatrist Dr. Ray McClanahan. Intriguing!


And having this in mind the whole summer, I finally bought some natural running shoes a few days ago. They are probably the coolest shoes you can find out there, with a very distinctive design. Here they are, my fivefingers! And they have such a girly colour, too <3 I already love them!

my new Vibram fivefingers
conscious choice: my new Vibram fivefingers

You can clearly feel how excited I am about this! I think for a big part this excitement comes from trying something new. It just feels so good to do something completely new! But it’s more than that.


In this case, it’s questioning your usual way of moving. Questioning the way of walking or running you accustomed yourself to many years ago. The way you always thought of as the way to go. And who would easily doubt the “natural” form of moving we learn in our society?

But there is so much more out there. There are different ways to move, to run. And I can’t wait to experience a new, more natural way of running. It’s a conscious choice to do so. A choice to reconnect with my body. A choice to feel the kilometres I make and to build up new muscle strength. And I can tell ya after two short runs only: Although running itself feels quite good, I DO feel the ground afterwards. Literally. I can feel it, right there, in my lower calves.

Have you tried anything new lately? Have you experienced your body or life in general in a new, more intense way, leaving you with a feeling that life is rich and wide and urges us to explore? Share in the comments, I’m curious to know how this resonates!

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