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Discussing Inspiration: Where to find inspiration when traveling, living in different places

What and who inspires you?

Inspiration is something I – and probably a lot of us – look for every day. Be it consciously or sub-consciously, we are always on the search. Through inspiration we can live our creativity or simply develop great ideas.

As someone who travels quite a lot, inspiration for me is tightly connected to places. I sense if a place is right for me or not, if I can find enough quietness and muse there. When I’m feeling good and am in a positive surrounding, I can unfold. I feel happy and whole.

While places play a big role for me, of course there are other elements that inspire us – people, moments, the sun and the moon,… you name it.

Inspiration is vital – let’s discuss and share our experience

All in all inspiration is a topic I would love to start a conversation about, because I think it is so vital. It’s a key factor not only when pursuing your hobbies or what you love, but also at the job. I have worked in an agency environment for many years. And while it is crucial to develop smart and creative ideas (because that’s what clients pay for), it is often time pressure and a lack of creative-inspirational space that counteracts it.

To my mind it is essential to find the right sources and to develop practical / easy-to-use inspirational tools to make a good job or thrive in one’s personal development.

So starting a conversation on ‘inspiration’ and getting ideas and insight from each other might be a great and fruitful thing. We can share where we find inspiration and what we need to be able to tap into our creative source. I really would love to hear from you! Send me an email if you would like to contribute a piece or write a comment.

Now here’s the first piece of – hopefully :) – a series on inspiration. I wrote it on one of those days on which my inspiration easily hides somewhere in the corner of the room, too sluggish to come out.


What a typical day for Taranaki! It’s pouring down with rain. The sea, stirred up and foaming. Grey water and an even greyer horizon. The open ocean behind a thick, misty curtain.

Break tiring, non-motivating dynamics

It’s one of these days on which I can easily get stuck inside and not get into any dynamic at all. To not being drawn into this tiring rhythm of rainy days, I take a book, my journal and a coffee, and drive to the beach. I’m parking on a grassy bit from where I can see the waves through the windscreen. A perfect spot: Sheltered from the elements, and yet I’m out and about, not confined to our tiny apartment. Perfectly warm and cozy, and yet I can inhale the wide and the wild of the nature surrounding me.

My inspiration: Just this. Being here and looking at the wild sea; hearing the rain lash against my car, while the waves are creating an almost unnoticeable, constant dimmed roar you could mistake for a gust of wind. An unobtrusive sound, somehow barely there, yet so powerful, filling the space of the background with life and vibration.

Here I am. No distractions around, only this inspiring space of sounds and remoteness.

Inspiration hideaway

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery. Sometimes all you need is to get closer to the elements. This is an instant inspiration hideaway for the rainy days, something that needs no planning or preparing. Something I can do here in New Zealand, within my current set-up, where I don’t have a spacious living room with a sofa to sit on, or an extra room to retreat to. Instead, I get my private spot at the ocean.


Places that inspire

There are certain places that inspire us, that simply create the right atmosphere to create: to write, to think, to paint, to plant or whatever creative form it might be.

To my mind, these places are crucial if we want to thrive freely and in an creative way.

At home, most of the time we know where to go (well, this I assume). At least once we’ve found or set-up our inspirational spot, it’s kind of a sanctuary we can always go to.

When traveling and living in different places, however, we more or less constantly have to find our inspirational places. This is even more important when we’re staying somewhere long-term and are trying to keep up certain personal routines, which we don’t want to loose along the way.


What about you? Can you relate to this? Where do you find places to live your creativity when on the road?

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