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ground yourself

Being out in nature simply grounds you.
You go to sleep when it gets dark. You wake up when there is light, your body well rested.
It is chilly in the morning, hands cold, feet cold. Lighting a fire to boil some water, eager to hold the warm cup of coffee in your hands. Waiting for the sun to come out, waiting for the morning light to warm up your feet. Looking out at the sea and seeing everything fresh, everything new.


For the first time this season we went camping. I always wonder why we don’t do it more often. Being out in nature is beautiful and, for a moment, tells you what matters. You feel the rhythm of the day, are in tune with day and night. You live with what you have at hand. You minimize.

You handle your resources carefully. Relying on a certain amount of food and water, you calculate your supplies, trying to waste as less as possible. You think twice before consuming. You are more aware of what you do, because in untouched nature you see your traces immediately.

Making the most of what you have at hand, you realize that you can live with a few things only – dawning on you the knowledge that most of your belongings are unnecessary at the end of the day.

Nature is a good teacher: It shows that we can exist without fancy gadgets, exist without looking at our laptops or tablets in bed before going to sleep, exist without having a shower in the morning.

Spending time in nature, camping out, brings everything into perspective.

And when we wake up in the morning, being surrounded by the fern and the wind, the ocean and the shriek of the sea gulls, we feel so alive. We feel bliss—maybe because we have a deeper connection to this earth, a deeper connection to what this is all about, surfacing to some extend in moments like this. A deep connection to where we come from, which most of the time is covered up by everything else in our lives: too many things to keep us occupied, too much time scheduled to keep us busy.

Ground yourself. Feel what matters. Jump and scream under the starlit sky, with the wind hauling and blowing through your hair. FEEL.


P.s.: With this I’m not saying that I’m a minimalist nature goddess, possessing only what I wear and carry… I still have way too many things. Our camping trip this weekend was a little wake-up call for me, once again, and I thought I’d share my thoughts with you and give you some inspiration on what to you could do next weekend :)

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