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Do less create more.

Just been through a few sick days, a week with low energy. I don’t like it to not be fit and energetic, to not be able to do whatever I want. But – as always – there is something good about it. Reflecting on it, I realize:

slow down

When I’m not completely fit and my body is clearly telling me to change down, I am focusing on fewer things and calmer tasks – almost with a sense of relieve that I have the “permission” to slow down and hand-pick a few quiet activities.

I read a book, finally have a look at all those flagged e-mails and articles that have been sitting there patiently for weeks, or I stretch out in a soft yoga session. On these days, I do less than on my usual energetic days – yet, at the end of the day, I am mostly very satisfied with what I have done and achieved.

try to achieve fewer things

On my usual days, however, when I am fit and don’t have to physically hold back, I tend to want to achieve too many things:

Go for a run AND do yoga, write AND clean the flat, work for a few hours, then get these and those administrative bits out of the way AND, of course, also do an in-depth research on various things on the internet. In my imagination, I tick all these things off my to-do list by dinner time – in theory only, of course.

Because instead of getting them all done and feeling productive and content at the end of the day, I end up frustrated and overwhelmed. I start 20 things and feel like I haven’t finished one properly. (Does this sound familiar to anyone?)

cut back and the days turn out more productive

On days I feel a little off, on the other hand, I inherently KNOW that it’s unrealistic to get a myriad of things done in a day AND be creative at the same time. I sense that I am neither physically nor mentally capable of doing a thousand things, and I intuitively focus on one or two – low-level – tasks. And – surprise – it works!

I do less, but get more done. I go slower, but dive deeper. I create more room for creativity. I am productive in the most satisfying sense.

Do less, create more.
Do less, be more productive.
Do slower, dive deeper.

That which sometimes requires a great deal of discipline and acceptance from me comes naturally: Choosing fewer things, but getting them done. Choosing quieter tasks, but feeling more content.


Lately, I’ve been a bit all over the place. My mind on a thousand things at once, the Vata part of my personality dancing its restless dance. That’s why it’s time to bring back focus and with it room for creativity – and when I stop and breathe, I know how to do it. To be content about what I have achieved at the end of the day.


What about you? Have you made the same experience? Do you also tend to want to get too much done? Or do you push the sweaty workout when you actually feel like a quiet stretch? Let me know! xo, Kat


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