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different places, different lives

|| NZ – Europe ||

After starting my last post with “different places, different food” this post is about different places, different lives. Meaning, you live a certain lifestyle, a certain rhythm in one place and a completely different one in the other. In my case: Taranaki, New Zealand vs. Vienna & Berlin. Both lifestyles are working their own charm on me, so until now swinging back and fort between the two has been the perfect mix for me.

What follows might be a love letter to my second home, my home of choice…

why I love my life in NZ

There are several reasons why I love the life in NZ so much and this morning I was reminded of one of them. As if time and place wanted to present me with a mental high shortly before going back to Europe. So this part of my NZ life grabbed me and took me into its dynamic swirl: The surfer rhythm and the urge to spend time out in nature close to the ocean.

It was a typical Saturday morning. We were having our coffees, everything pretty relaxed, no rush at all. But then, all of a sudden, there was that excited disruption. Like scratching with your feet, starting barely noticed but then becoming faster and faster until you can’t bear it anymore and you jump up and run out.

The wind had changed, had swung around, and there was a chance to go windsurfing or maybe surfing down the coast. Bustling through the kitchen and around the house, we quickly prepared a sandwich and some snacks and loaded up our cars. “How much longer do you need?” “Umm, 10 minutes.” “Alright, I’m off now. See you at the beach!”

When the wind changes, nothing else matters. When push comes to shove, you skip the second coffee (although this is a hard bit for me), you skip the breakfast and cancel all other plans. The only mission is to get to the spot as fast as possible. Or to check as many spots as needed depending on swell direction and crowds.

It might seem weird and over-the-top from an outside perspective, but that’s the name of the game! That’s the way it goes when you live or share a windsurfer’s or a surfer’s life.

the forces of nature, the forces of happiness

It was not until a little bit later when I was already on the road that I noticed it: I felt so happy to be part of that rhythm, of that positive dynamic. To belong to a group of people sharing a distinctive lifestyle, sharing a common passion, and this passion cannot be lived without the forces of nature. You rely upon nature, you wait for the tide and the wind and the swell to coincide, and once they do, you jump in! You dive into it and ride on that wave.

I don’t know, maybe this is something you can only relate to once you have experienced it yourself… But this was my natural boost today. A situation, a feeling reminding me why I love my life in NZ so much. A feeling that I unknowingly missed, that wasn’t here for a while, like sleeping somewhere inside me and that needed to be woken up by the right set of circumstances.

mountain, sea and sun

So I was driving down the coast in my little red car thinking of all this. Joining the surf dynamic, board aboard, looking forward to the sea and the waves. Smiling.

And even though the weather turned out way too windy for me personally, my little trip was definitely the best thing I could do! It was such a beautiful day, sunny and incredibly warm for autumn. And I simply love to drive along the coastline, music on, green paddocks and the mighty mountain to the left, ocean and waves to the right.

Guys, this made my day!

red car

What about you? Have you lived abroad or in the countryside and experienced something like this? What lifestyles or rhythms do you ascribe to certain places? Share your thoughts and happy moments!

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