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Create space.

Create space for yourself.

Our lives are often so busy and so full that we totally forget to listen and breathe and to create a nourishing environment for ourselves – which is not good, because we risk getting out of balance – physically and mentally – and out of touch with the life that we’re here for. So today, seize the opportunity to listen, feel and breathe. To de-stress. To do something that feels good for yourself. Support your health and happiness.

Consciously take the time — I promise, you’ll feel so much better!

3 quick tips for you to get you started right now:

* Put your phone into flight mode.

For just 30 minutes around dinner, an hour in between or the whole evening. This easy trick works wonders and it is an amazing hack to instantly decrease your stress level and create some conscious off-time for yourself! Also, it helps getting things done, but that’s on another page…

* Get up 15-30 minutes earlier in the morning

Get up earlier and have your morning drink in quiet. I find it one of the best starts to the day, a little ritual I draw strength and calm from for the rest of my day and it makes me a nicer person to be around. – By the way: Are you coffee or tea?

* Start tuning in!

Just sit with yourself – be it in the form of having a little quiet and contemplative morning ritual (as just mentioned) aka coffee contemplation or in the form of a “proper” meditation. It’s such a good way to reconnect with yourself and you can do it whatever time of the day suits you.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for meditation or just one to get started, flick me a message and I will send some your way!

Enjoy your new space and let me know which tip worked best for you!

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