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Inspiration is something we all are looking for – be it consciously or sub-consciously. It feeds and drives us every day.

For me as someone who travels quite a lot, inspiration is tightly connected to places. When I’m feeling good and am in a positive surrounding, I can unfold.

While places play a big role for me, of course there are other elements that bring inspiration: people, moments, the sun and the moon,… you name it.

All in all inspiration is a topic I would love to start a discussion about, because I think it is so vital. It’s a key factor not only when pursuing what you love, but also at the job. Take agency environments for example: While it is crucial to develop smart and creative ideas (because that’s what clients pay for), it is often time pressure and a lack of creative-inspirational space that counteracts it.

To my mind it is essential to find the right sources and to develop practical, easy-to-use inspirational tools to make a good job or thrive in one’s personal development.

And this is the place to join the conversation on ‘inspiration’. To share insights and get ideas from each other. Where do you find inspiration? What do you need to be able to tap into your creative source?

I would love to hear from you! Send me an email if you would like to write a guest post or share your thoughts in the comments.

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Discussing Inspiration: Where to find inspiration when traveling, living in different places

What and who inspires you? Inspiration is something I – and probably a lot of us – look for every day. Be it consciously or sub-consciously, we are always on the search. Through inspiration we can live our creativity or simply develop great ideas. As someone who travels quite a…

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